13 Indian Top Tech Bloggers You Might Crave to Follow

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If you crave for the new tech updates and looking for some Indian top tech bloggers from the blogging community, then you are at the right place. Read this complete article to know more about Indian top tech bloggers.

List of 13 Indian top tech bloggers

1. Harsh Agarwal (Indian top tech blogger)

First one of Indian Top Tech Bloggers is Harsh Agrawal is the founder of blog Shoutmeloud. He is an engineer as per his education and blogger by his profession. Before becoming a professional blogger, he used to work with Convergys. While he was about to join Accenture, he decided to be his own boss and started blogging full time. His passion is blogging and under shoutmeloud, he blogs on topics like blogging tips, WordPress, make money online, Web tools, SEO and so on.


2. Amit Agarwal

Labnol was founded by Amit Agarwal. He holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from I.I.T. and has previously worked at ADP Inc. In 2004, Amit quit his job to become India’s first and only Professional Blogger. He also authors the Digital Inspiration for which he has won an award. He has also written columns in publications like The Wall Street Journal India, The Financial Express, Outlook Magazine, CNN IBN, CNBC TV18 and The Hindustan Times.

3. Ashish Sinha

The name of his blog is Nextbigwhat. He is graduated from IIT Roorkee & IIM Bangalore and has worked in companies like Yahoo, i2 Technologies and IBM where the focus was product management. He has worked in enterprise industry for 7 years and then moved onto his passion, i.e. the consumer industry.

4. Atish Ranjan & Zenil

TechTricksworld -This blog was founded by Atish Ranjan and Zenil in 2012. Zenil is a graduate from Mumbai University and currently specializes in the field of taxation and auditing. His partner Atish hails from Delhi. He is a workaholic and graduated from IGNOU. Apart from blogging, he is a music lover and is very active on social media sites.

5. Imran Uddin

AllTechBuzz – It was founded in 2011 by Imran Uddin. He belongs to a middle-class family. Then he did graduation and after that started working in an mnc. He believed the internet was a world full of knowledge. He started with tips and tutorials posts. Initially, to start blogging he bought an inexpensive domain name and started blogging. Later on, he took the domain name .net and took up blogging as his hobby.

6. Ankit Kumar Singla

BloggerTipsTricks – It was founded by Ankit Kumar Singla. He is a 22-year Delhite. Yes, he is young and started blogging as that is his passion. He doesn’t consider himself an expert and loves to learn new things every day. He is also an internet marketer, SEO guru, a full-time blogger and a part-time web designer.

7. Srinivas Tamada

9lesson  is founded by Srinivas Tamada. He is an entrepreneur, blogger, and founder of 9lessons programming blog, a very popular web development site. The topics covered in the tutorial are Programming, Database, Jquery, Ajax, PHP, Demos, Web Design, CSS and web apps. He is also the inventor of the new wall script.

8. Amit Bhawani

AndroidAdvices was launched by Amit Bhawani. He hails from Hyderabad. He also runs 40 other blogs.

9. Rajesh Namse

Techlila was launched by Rajesh Namse. He is passionate about SEO, blogging and internet technology. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, travel, computer gaming, cricket etc.


10. Abhijeet Mukherjee

Guidingtech is founded by Abhijeet Mukherjee. Abhijeet is a web publisher who’s been working online full time since 2008. He loves all things tech and has also written for some of the top blogs.

11. Raju PP

Techpp – It was created by Raju PP, in 2008. He is an Electronics engineering graduate from Bangalore, India and has previously worked as a Technical Specialist in a leading IT firm. He also has experience in the baking software domain.

12. Jashpal Singh

Savedelete – It was founded by Jashpal Singh in 2009. He is a professional blogger from Jaipur, India. He is a Mechanical Engineer with some skills in Designing & Coding. His interest lies in computers & internet and he says he is a self-proclaimed geek.

13. Pradeep Kumar

Final Blogger from Indian Top Tech Bloggers on my list is Hellboundbloggers which is owned by Pradeep Kumar. Technology, WordPress, Blogging etc is its main field of topics. He is the Owner/Founder/Editor of HellBoundBloggers and started this when he was 17 years. He loves Blogging and also he thinks ‘Blogging’ as a tool or weapon can change the world, or at least a person’s life.

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