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What are the Top 8 Android illegal apps in India which are banned?

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An Android app has to go through certain Terms and Conditions before it is made available on Play Store. But there are certain android illegal apps which are really helpful and work efficiently but aren’t available in Play Store. Those android illegal apps are as below in detail.

Top 8 Android illegal apps in India

1. Showbox

Showbox is among the most popular android illegal apps famous for free movies and TV shows streaming tools for Android devices. It is regarded as one of the best apps for this as it allows users to stream movies from various internet hosting sites. Many users prefer Show Box over Popcorn Time as it has a better looking and easier to use interface. You are also not restricted to watching the movies from the small screen of your smartphone or tablet, as you can share the video straight to a bigger screen via Chromecast.

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2. Amazon underground

Amazon’s official app is arguably the most popular shopping app on the Google Play Store, what with tens of millions of users have downloaded it. But if you have it installed instead of the Amazon Underground app, there is a lot you are missing out on. The Amazon Underground APK is available for download direct from Amazon, and you can be sure that you will get the real deal if you install it. Apart from the usual shopping features that the official Amazon app provides, this app gives you access to the Amazon app store, and it includes games, underground apps, a selection of well over $20,000 worth of app, and a host of in-app purchases available for free.

Choice picks range from some of the best android games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Monument Valley, and Threes! To popular productivity suites such as Office Suite Professional (normally worth $14.99), Amazon Underground is a must have for all android users.

3. MIUI Music

This is the music app that Xiaomi phones come bundled with. While the devices may not be popular outside of Asia. The music app itself is a strange creation. An amazing combination of a music Player and functionality that allows you to download music on your phone for free. It is like using spottily, but without ever having to pay a cent for listening or download your favorite songs.

MIUI music also allows you to download lyrics and album artworks for the songs if you choose to; so that you can literally turn your phone into a Karaoke system by syncing the music being streamed with the lyrics on its beautifully laid out UI.

4. Transdroid

For all the keen torrenters out there, Transdroid provides a great way to manage your torrents remotely. It supports home servers and seedboxes. From within the client, you can, among many other things, add torrents, start and stop them, and set priorities.

It supports all the big torrent clients out there, including uTorrent, Deluge, and Vuze. You can download a cut-down version from the Play Store, called Transdrone, but, to get the full experience, including integrated torrent search and RSS feeds, make sure to grab the Transdroid APK. Again, be aware of the laws surrounding torrenting in your country.

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5. VideoMix

This app is a fantastic resource for streaming your favorite TV shows and movies online. Be aware of your country’s laws regarding streaming copyrighted content, though, if you don’t want to land yourself in trouble.

Once you’ve found the show or movie you want to watch, just tap it, pick a site to stream it from. Then you’ll get an option to choose which video player app you want to play it in. In addition, there’s a button that integrates IMDB into the app so you can view the cast and find related torrents.

6. LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher is another APK that’s very interesting Android illegal apps but doesn’t require root. The app offers a detachable menu, which opens into a fan shape and displays various shortcuts.

To open this menu, simply swipe from any edge of the screen toward the center. It is a customizable menu to which you can add your preferred options.

7. Popcorn Time

Love watching TV Shows & Movies? Well, who doesn’t? Popcorn Time lets you do just that with the convenience of a simple yet elegant app. Once installed, it gives you easy access to the most popular Movies and TV shows by a simple swipe from the right. There is also a third category for Anime as well if you’re into those.

8. Grooveshark

This is probably the most controversial Android illegal apps in the list, having been published and pulled from Google Play Store multiple times. Grooveshark was a Pandora alternative to Pandora for those who don’t live in the US. However, Google banned it from the Play Store after receiving a complaint from the Recording Industry Association of America. Legal battles followed and only ended with Grooveshark closing down their business.

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