Used Clothes Exported by India to the Nations like USA

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In this Modern world global fashion trends means people are consuming and disposing greater amount of used clothes. But India imports reincarnated textiles and export back. India has emerged as the biggest importer of worn clothing and textiles.

Even as premium global fashion brands see India as a potential market. Another segment in the Indian retail chain is attracting global attention

The US, the UK and Germany were the top three exporters.

In India the used clothes segment  is envisioned as serving the cause of charity, especially in African countries. In fact, Panipat in Haryana (India) is one of the largest suppliers of blankets made from second-hand textile for charity across the globe. The demand for low-cost blankets and high-street fashion brands from the West at throwaway prices is. However, no less in the domestic market.

Panipat is home to the world’s largest shoddy wool sector, supplying low-quality blankets to the poor across India, South Asia and East Africa.


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