black monitor screen

How to fix the black monitor screen that shows up right after starting of PC?

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Black monitor screen with single BIOS Beep

In most PCs, if you hear a single BIOS beep during bootup (during black monitor screen), then the POST sequence succeeded. This means, your Processor, RAM and Disk drives are detected, and the system is proceeding to Boot the OS from the disk. This means black monitor screen is because there is a problem with the monitor, or the monitor cable or the plug-in graphics card. If the monitor is connected to a graphics card, troubleshoot the graphics card.

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Black monitor screen with no BIOS Beep

Recently in many branded PCs, there are no BIOS Beeps. So do the following checks.

  1. Is the monitor cable properly connected to both ends?
  2. If connected, then there must be problem with Display Hardware (Either the On-board display, or Plug-in Graphics card).
  3. In some economic-value motherboards the circuit for PCI-E x16 slot (Graphics card) is shared with its adjacent PCI-E x1 slot. This means, either you can use the PCI-Ex1 or PCI-Ex16 and not both. In rare cases when people try to plug two cards (A graphics card in X16 slot + a sound card in X1 slot) the mobo may halt or throw error (depending on the BIOS programming).
  4. If above 3 are resolved, then check your monitor. For some funny reasons the monitors can go cranky and blank. Time for a new monitor.

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Try doing these things also in case of black monitor screen

  1. Check if the RAM is installed properly.
  2. Try a different type of display cable if it’s supported.
  3. If you have a GPU, remove it and connect the display cable to the motherboard, if it works now then it means either your GPU is damaged or not enough power(not very likely).
  4. Try using the monitor with a different PC / laptop. If it works then I guess you know what’s wrong.

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