Fake WhatsApp Version Found on Google Play Store

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Beware! A fake whatsapp and possibly malicious version of Facebook-owned WhatsApp was found lurking on Google Play Store as “Update WhatsApp Messenger” with developer name as ‘WhatsApp Inc*’.

How to differentiate between fake whatsapp and original one?

There is another version under the same name which has a million downloads. The original WhatsApp has 1 billion downloads.

This is not the first time someone tries to deceive Android users with fake, malicious apps. The Google Play Store has long been mired by these kind of apps, But based on the number of downloads, this fake WhatsApp app is one of the most successful ever.

“DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP! IT’S FAKE! WhatsApp Business is not officially available yet for all,” the WABetaInfo social media account tweeted to its 30,000 followers.

Therefore It added: “Check only official channels to download WhatsApp Business in future.”

So WhatsApp Business is yet to launch as a standalone service.

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