Shazam Discovers Song of your favourite artists by lyrics

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A free music discovery app Shazam that I have been using since very long. Its basic feature is music discovery. The algorithms are designed in such a way so that it can do relatively quick searches with virtually 100% match.

What’s so fascinating about Shazam?

Great design from the application icon to search animation composition. Attention to small details often impresses users. A huge list of available information about the artist: song lyrics, music videos, other works of the artist and much more.

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Using its huge database to quickly find the matching one to that you’ve just recorded. I’ve heard that there’s over 11 million songs so it may find even most obscure and underground artists.

How Shazam Works? How it finds every single song online you throw at it?

The steps followed for identifying a music online:

  1. Beforehand, the Shazam fingerprints a comprehensive catalog of music, and also stores the fingerprints in a database.
  2. A user “tags” a song they hear, which fingerprints a 10 second sample of audio.
  3. The app uploads the fingerprint to Shazam’s service, which runs a search for a matching fingerprint in their database.
  4. If a match is found, the song info is returned to the user ,and you can listen to the music, otherwise an error is returned.

the actual paper published by a developer explaining this concept in depth

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